It was not till I was 18 that I (Nick Welbourn, founder of Graficstudio) discover that I am Dyslexic. Over these years have seen me stuggle with education. I can remember my old french teaching calling me a ‘Plodder’ as I founded it difficult to understand a new languages when I could barely understand my native lanuages.

The light bulb moment happened in College where I asked to take test for Dyslexia which evolved a psychological and educational tests. The results of this test came back with having Strong to Serve Dyslexia.

Reading the below article is great resource to helpping with the every day struggle with reading and writing when making typeface, colour, spacing and imagery choices.

This is a great first step in helping to support people with Dyslexia. I feel there is more areas to help fellow designer who have Dyslexia with proof reading, spelling an grammar.

Please let me know of any recommendation to help me.