After discovering that I was Dyslexia, The support and guidance I recieved was outstanding. Which reflected in my grades and engagement in to the subject which I was studying.

Dyslexia affects people in different ways. I found out that my left side of my brain which manages my logic, sequencing, linear thinking, mathematics, facts & thinking in words was the worst affected areas. Whilst my right side, imagination, holistic thinking, intuition, arts, rhythm, nonverbal cues, feelings visualisation, daydreaming where my strongest skills.

To read more about the side of the brain, have a look at this article.

During my early education I found art was a subject I enjoyed as it tapped in to several skill sets of my right side of my brain, thinking, arts & visualisation

With the enjoyment in art, I progressed into further education I enrolled on to Graphic Design. Over the years I have studied and work with a number of designer for clients, agencies. I have been taken back by the high volume of designer that are Dyslexic. I am strong believe that Dyslexic is strength.

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